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Shiri P Eshel

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My passion is human culture in all its wondrous shapes and forms, all over the world: communal histories and the personal stories they are made of, Music - the way it travels the world, connecting people where all other means have failed and art – the way it does not need words of a specific language to touch the soul and children, the composers of the future.

In 2000 I was working as the broadcast manager of the Israeli independent student radio station 106FM where I decided, for no apparent reason, to play African music of which I had no previous knowledge. And so, Africa, my weekly radio show came to be and was aired for 15 years. The show had opened the door to a vast world of rich culture and colors, enriching me not only professionally but also, later on, through encounters that would have never been possible otherwise, leading me all the way to the world of visual media.

Wanting to expand and perfect my professional skills as an Ethnographer, I enrolled to the SVA Documentary Filming Program and, in 2014, after almost four and a half years of living in Angola, I moved to one of the world’s greatest cultural melting pot and artistic haven – NYC.

Today, after more than fifteen years of working in the media business, I aspire to create my own contents: produce, direct and distribute it around the world, as vital information for raising awareness regarding various ancient cultures and untold stories, both personal and communal, for the sake of spreading knowledge that might help us see one another from a more receptive and positive point of view.

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