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The Stanley Harrison Acting Studio
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The Social DNA Project was created in response to the anxiety, dislocation and resistance, experienced by people, communities and businesses in
the face of gentrification.

The Project accepts that gentrification cannot be stopped, but can be reimagined.

The Social DNA Project uses film and the power of storytelling as a way to bridge the old and the new and build stronger and healthier communities.

The Social DNA Project uses the power of shared experiences to create a positive bond between residents and all stakeholders in a community, helping to find shared value in moving their community into the future, while honoring its unique past.

The Social DNA Project is a tool and a community platform for helping a society unify around its destiny, which in turn leads to better decision making with less conflict.

Between Us


Named an Official Selection of SLIFF Online for March, 2017, Between Us tells the story of a condolence visit that Ronie Parciak, an Israeli, pays on the family of Maryam Shawhana, a Palestinian woman whom Ronie had driven to the hospital several times. When Ronie meets with Maryam's family, they discover that the only way for Israelis and Palestinians to move forward together is through dialogue and human connections.

Do Something for Nothing

#dosomethingfornothing is a movement that began three years ago when London hairdresser Joshua Coombes was met with an opportunity to share his talents with those who live on the streets. What started as something to pass the time when he wasn't in the salon turned into a case that demonstrated how important it is to give things away without expecting anything in return. Joshua quickly learned the more you give it away the more it comes back to you. It was the power of the moment that was shared between him and a man who he had seen in his neighborhood on the street that led him to telling his friend who was a veterinarian, who now services the homeless who have dogs.


Today he is sponsored to travel the world giving his time to lifting spirits by experiencing the power of serving others. Shiri been able to support the cause by editing a short film series and documentary film are being distributed by Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics and directed by Hal Samples. They tell the heartfelt stories of the people Joshua meets along his journey. Examples of the work can be found here.

Video Resumé/Profile

Video Resume/Profile

Video Resume/Profile

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In a world where everyone seems to read less and rely more on visual cues, it is time for today’s market professionals to connect with potential clients or employers on a more powerful, intimate level using video as a supplement to traditional resume materials.


Trust is the most important value for clients or an employer and a video resume can help decision-makers gain that trust by getting a closer look at a person’s qualities. My experience as an award-winning documentary filmmaker as well as a radio broadcaster allows me to locate and hone in on just the right skills and attributes that need to be emphasized. A video resume can be a powerful tool that makes the critical difference in impressing a client or a potential employer.

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