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I am a storyteller. I communicate through photography and motion pictures. For too long I have been holding a treasure – an archive of my photographic journeys in Africa, particularly Angola. Now I am ready to share this abundance of culture and beauty.

The world changes rapidly. Everyone deserves to experience some of the magical moments I captured, many of which may never happen again.

Now is your opportunity to share one of these rare moments!

10% of the proceeds from all photo sales will be donated to help sponsor the Art Program at the “Casa dos Rapazes” and “Lardos Pequininos” two orphanages I worked closely with while living in Angola.




Each photo was carefully chosen after meticulously filtering through my entire collection to find the images I absolutely LOVE. From now on I will be posting new photos every month, aiming to provide you with a continuum of fresh collections from my well-guarded treasure box.

Each image will be signed, authenticated and C-type printed on Fuji Crystal archival paper in 2 sizes:

24 x 16 in. (60 x 40 cm) limited edition of 24 copies

Print number 1-10 $500

Print number 11-20 $650

Print number 21-24 $800

36 x 24 in. (90 x 60 cm) limited edition of 12 copies

Print number 1-7 $800

Print number 8-12 $1200

Large sizes available upon request.​

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​Any creative suggestions on how or where to exhibit my photos, whether in public places or private institutions that would like to offer to exhibit my collection, will be accepted with many blessings.

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