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Throughout my journey I’ve always enjoyed following women, observing the ways in which they manage their lives, wantingto learn about different perceptions of life and see a wider spectrum of ways to look at things, out of the modern society structure.


The Women exhibition that was displayed at the International Student Office of the School of Visual Arts in NY, gave me the opportunity to choose 9 photos out of my vast collection. I chose the ones that express various points along my journey in Africa, those certain moments, which I feel amazingly blessed to have been part of.


The pictures are of women I've met on my long car-rides across the endless roads of Angola. Each of these women

allowed me to take her picture, and did so with big love and warm smiles, giving me the opportunity to see them as they are. Even as they were posing for the camera, it was still their own genuine expression reflecting through as their exposure to the hectic media is very limited, if at all.


Through these photos I send message of love to all the women out there, who make everything happen, allowing their feminine energy to soften lives.

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